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Fire in the Hole® Multi-Itch Relief Spray is serious science formulated to quickly help heal and soothe many types of painful itching. Fire in the Hole® is backed by prominent surgeons and millions of dollars in clinical studies and the ingredients have been extensively tested and proven effective by the US military(1) and by studies at major universities.(2)

Plastic surgeons & dermatologists have used the ingredients found in Fire in the Hole® for two decades to promote healing, reduce irritation and soothe itchy skin without using steroids.(3) Amino-Plex┬«, the compound that makes Fire in the Hole® so effective, is a clinically tested formulation containing over 100 ingredients - all natural amino acids, trace minerals, electrolytes and other components essential to the formation of new collagen and elastin cells. A quick spray to the affected area and the science of Amino-Plex┬« will help promote healing and relieve itching, pain and burning from anal itch, Hemorrhoidal itch, eczema itch and other sensitive skin issues.(4)

Fire in the Hole® is formulated to help heal wherever you have irritated skin. Amino Acid Complex is not available in any other products on the market today. Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of life and we combine them to help promote a soothing, natural healing process in sensitive areas. Fire in the Hole® Amino Acid complex is superior to scented powders, lotions and petroleum-based products which coat the skin and can potentially impede the healing process by preventing your skin from using the oxygen it needs to repair itself.

Fire in the hole® is a cooling, non-oily, non-sticky mist designed to help relieve irritated tissue instantly and begin the healing process NOW!

(1) U.S. military studies
(2) Rutgers University, UCLA
(3) Post Op skin peels and resurfacing
(4) Including poison oak, ivy, sumac, heat rash & sunburn

What People Are Saying:

"Thank you for allowing us to trial your product. My patients have found that it has helped with itching in particularly peculiar places as well as fellow employees alleviating bug bites. I have had patients use it on eczematous areas with relief. It is nice to have a product to help control and soothe itching without being a steroid.

This product appears to have many uses and we will continue to challenge them all.

Thanks for a great product!"

V. Dailey, PA-C, MPAS Cleveland, OH

"This product is GREAT! I went for weeks with a burning and itching on my bottom. Nothing worked and I did not want to spend a pricy visit to the doctor. I was red and raw when I fell across a Fire in The Hole ad. I had waited so long it took several days but it was the answer. RELIEF is here!! And you can't beat the price!. Let's spread the word. Everyone has an itch at sometime or another that this product can be the answer. I just used it on an itchy patch on my hand. Whew!"

- Candy Hall Fort Myers

- Gene Woodland Park N.J.

"Had IBS problems since mid 90"s. Tried everything possible. Always came back! Since using Fire in the Hole for only 1 week, unlike the other products I used, I have instant relief and no discomfort with Fire in the Hole!"

- Richard P. Youngstown, Ohio

"I've been looking for a product like this for a long time. It works great. I'm amazed at how quickly it stop my itching. I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a safe, quick solution to what's irritating you."

- Chance Lebanon, IL

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